Biker's Road Guide

The four different rides in this road guide were put together for bikers by bikers.  The routes followed will take you through some of the most spectacular scenery you'll ever come across.  Along the way, you'll have many opportunities to stop and look around.

The rides in this guide are suggested routes.  Feel free to explore, make changes and take side trips as you choose.  Be sure to start each ride with a full tank of gas because there are some stretches where gas stations are few and far between.

Allegheny Adventure

Ride through the gorgeous 1/2-million acre Allegheny National Forest.  Distance approximately 120 miles.

  1. Start at the Elk County Courthouse in historic downtown Ridgway. Begin by traveling north on PA948 for about 27 miles to the village of Barnes and the intersection of Route 666 (The Devil’s Highway). Along the way you’ll pass through Elk and Forest Counties into Warren County.

  2. Turn left (west) on Route 666 and you’ll re-enter Forest County. Forest County has the distinction of being the only county in Pennsylvania without a traffic light. The road parallels Tionesta Creek for most of the way. After about 32 miles you’ll come to the intersection of Route 62 in the village of East Hickory. 

  3. Turn left (south) on Route 62. The waterway on your right is the Allegheny River. In the 7 miles between here and Tionesta, you’ll pass four historical markers. Look for them on your right. Tionesta is a scenic little town on the Allegheny River and you may want to take some time to look around.

  4. In Tionesta, Route 62 makes a 90-degree right turn. To continue your tour, go straight (south) on Route 36 for approximately 12 miles to the intersection of Route 66 in the village of Leeper. During the summer there is a large flea market held here every weekend. 

  5. At the light, turn left (north) on Route 66 for approximately 13 miles to the village of Marienville. In Marienville you'll come to a seven-point intersection. There is a sign here directing you to the Ranger Station.

  6. At this intersection, turn right onto the blacktop road (SR2005) toward Loleta State Park. When you cross into Elk County the route number changes to SR3002. Watch the signs carefully as this road make three 90-degree turns. Stay on the main road to Ridgway.

  7. It’s 29 miles back to Ridgway. When you arrive, take some time to walk around town and see the chainsaw carvings placed throughout town. Ridgway is known as the Chainsaw Capital of the World. There are also many beautiful big homes and mansions built by the lumber barons of the late 1800s.

Photo Ops:  Sherman Memorial Lighthouse, Flying W Ranch, Tionesta Lake, Allegheny River, Ridgway chainsaw carvings and historical mansions.

Ride the Elk Range

Ride through the Moshannon State Forest, the Quehanna Wild Area and Pennsylvania's wild elk range. Distance approximately 104 miles.

  1. Begin at exit 120 of I-80 and head north on Route 879 for about 20 miles where Route 879 makes a 90-degree right turn into the village of Karthus.

  2. Don’t make this right turn but keep going straight on the Quehanna Highway (SR1011). You’ll travel through the Quehanna Boot Camp, part of the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections. It’s about 8 miles to the Cameron County line from the village of Karthus. Once you cross into Cameron County watch for the sign that says Wykoff Run, it’s only a couple of hundred yards from the Clearfield County line.

  3. Turn right on Wykoff Run (SR2001). When you’ve gone about 4.2 miles you’ll see a sign saying Foleys Draft, just beyond this there is a wide spot. Pull over here to enjoy a small waterfall nearby. It's just a nice place to take a break and take some pictures.  Back on your bike, keep heading in the same direction for 6 miles to the village of Sinnemahoning, which is famous for it’s annual rattlesnake hunt. Here you’ll cross Sinnemahoning Creek and come to a stop sign at the intersection of Route 120.

  4. You can make a side trip here to Stevenson Dam by turning right (east) on Route 120 and go a couple of hundred yards to the intersection of Route 872 where you’ll turn left (north). It’s approximately 8 miles to Stevenson Dam, which is home to a pair of nesting bald eagles.

  5. If you don’t make the side trip, turn left (west) on Route 120 and proceed for 4 miles to the village of Driftwood. Route 120 between Emporium and Renova is a very scenic route and has been designated as Bucktail State Park. 

  6. Turn left (west) on Route 555 and you’ll see the monument to the Bucktail Regiment that fought in the Civil War. Tom Mix, the silent-movie actor and star of many early Hollywood Westerns, was born near here. Proceed west for approximately 16 miles to the village of Benezette. You are now in the heart of Pennsylvania's wild elk range.

  7. When you reach Benezette, if you wish to make a side trip, now is the time to turn right where the sign says Elk Viewing Area. This will lead you to the top of Winslow Hill and the Elk Country Visitor Center. The center has touch screen displays, a sensory-surround theater, live forest cams, wild elk viewing and a panoramic overlook. It’s approximately 3½ -miles from Route 555 to the center.

  8. If you omit the side trip, continue west on Route 555 for approximately 4 miles to the village of Medix Run and the intersection of SR2004. Route 555 follows the Bennett’s Branch of Susquehanna Creek for most of this distance from Driftwood.

  9. Turn left onto SR2004 and you’ll have a leisurely 42-mile ride through the Quehanna Wild Area back to your starting point. 

Photo Ops:  Men marching at Quehanna Boot Camp, Wycoff Run waterfall, Bucktain Monument, Elk Country Visitor Center and wild elk.

Cook Forest Cruisin'

Ride through Cook Forest State Park and surrounding areas. Distance approximately 76 miles. Lots of restaurants and interesting shops along the way.

  1. Start at the Clarion County Courthouse in downtown Clarion, the home of Clarion University of Pennsylvania. At the intersection of Main Street (Route 322) & 5th Avenue (SR1005), go north on 5th Avenue (away from I-80). You’ll cross over the Clarion River as you leave the borough. 

  2. Continue on this road, which is now called the Miola Road, for about 7 miles. Where SR1004 intersects on the left, there is a historical marker for Helen Furnace, an old iron kiln constructed in the 1840’s. The furnace is only about a hundred yards down SR1004 and it’s worth a look but be advised the parking lot and short driveway leading to it are both loose gravel.

  3. Go back to Miola Road and continue north for another 4 miles to the intersection or Route 36. 

  4. Turn left (north) on Route 36 and go about 3 miles to the village of Leeper. During the summer there is a large flea market held here every weekend.

  5. At the light turn right (north) on Route 66 and proceed for 11 miles to the intersection of Route 899 in the village of Roses.

  6. At Route 899 turn right (south) and go 9 miles and turn right onto River Road (SR2001). If you cross the bridge over the Clarion River, you’ve gone too far. After making the turn you will immediately come to a “Y”, bear left on SR2002.

  7. Follow River Road along the Clarion River for about 8 miles to the intersection of Route 36. There are many places to pull over if you'd like to stop and just watch the river. The State Park Ranger Station is also located on River Road near the intersection of Route 36.

  8. At this intersection, you may want to make a side trip to the Sawmill Center for the Arts, which hosts arts and crafts exhibits, plays and musicals and special festivals throughout the year. If so, turn right and within a couple of hundred yards you’ll come to a “Y” intersection. Turn right and follow the signs.

  9. A second side trip from the intersection of River Road and Route 36 is to Seneca Point. Turn right (north) on Route 36 and go one mile. There is a dirt road on the left and there are signs. This road is one-way for three miles, so once you start you’re committed. The road is hard packed dirt and gravel so if you are uncomfortable on this type of surface or want to avoid getting your paint chipped, give it a pass. If you do want to try it, we highly recommend this side trip for it’s view. Once you turn off of Route 36, it’s 1.3 miles to the parking area and then about a 200-yard walk to Seneca Point. If you’re ambitious and good with heights, you can even climb the 87-foot fire tower and get a great view.

  10. If you skip the side-trips, turn left (south) toward Brookville at the intersection of River Road and Route 36. After about 16 miles you’ll come to the stop light at the intersection of Route 322.

  11. Turn right (west) on Route 322 and it’s about 16 miles back to Clarion. Or, if you aren’t tired of riding, turn left and stay on Route 36 (south) to start the Groundhog Ride.

Photo Ops:  Everything in Cook Forest, Clarion River, Seneca Point and Helen Furnace

Ground "Hog" Heaven

Ride through Punxsutawney and to Gobbler’s Knob where Punxsutawney Phil makes his annual prediction. Distance approximately 65 miles.

  1. Start at the Jefferson County Courthouse in historic Brookville and go south on Route 28 (Main Street) to the first traffic light, which is the intersection of Route 36.

  2. At the light turn left (south) on Route 36. It’s 20 miles to Punxsutawney on a nice 2-lane highway with passing lanes on the hills.

  3.  Stay on Route 36 into Punxsy and you’ll see a park and the Borough Building on your right. Stop here and visit the real live Punxsutawney Phil who lives in the library. You may also want to walk around town and see the fiberglass Phantastic Phils! sidewalk sculptures.

  4. Continue south on Route 36 for about ½ mile to Woodland Avenue (SR3012) and turn right. There will be a sign here for Gobbler’s Knob

  5. Stay on this road for about a mile to Gobbler’s Knob where the famous prediction is made every February 2nd. As you leave Gobbler’s Knob continue in the direction you were going for about 1½ miles and it will bring you out on Route 119 just south of Punxsutawney.

  6. Turn right (north) on Route 119 and in about a mile you'll be back in Punxsy. Stay on Route 119 through town for another mile to the intersection of Route 310. 

  7. Turn left (north) on Route 310 for approximately 13 miles to Reynoldsville where Route 310 intersects with Route 322.

  8. Turn left (west) on Route 322 for about a mile where it intersects with Route 950.

  9. Turn right (north) on Route 950 for approximately 7 miles to Falls Creek.

  10. At the stop sign in Falls Creek turn left (west) on Route 830 and proceed for about 14 miles back to Route 322. Watch the route signs and stay on Route 830.

  11. At the intersection of Route 322, turn right (west) for 6 miles to Brookville.

Photo Ops:  Punxsutawney Phil, Phantastic Phils! sidewalk sculptures and Gobbler's Knob.

More Information...

If you want more information about the region, pick up a free copy of the PA Great Outdoors Visitors Guide at area rest stops and hotels in Cameron, Clarion, Elk, Forest and Jefferson counties.  It will give you information on things to do and places to see, stay, shop and eat.

If you're going on the Elk Range Ride, another handy guide is the the Elk Viewing Guide, which is also free at rest stops and hotels.

You can always view our guides online or order a copy of your own if you want to plan ahead.  Click here or call (814) 849-5197.

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